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On June 6th of this new millennium year, with a great cooperation from the weather, RCJO played to a better than ever crowd!  Thanks to all who were there!  

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"Welcome to Como Pavilion!"
Either we need a bigger camera or a smaller band! Not!   In reality, the saxes and rhythm sections are just out of the shot. The bones and trumpets prepare for a fun concert on a beautiful evening.
Mvc-227f.jpg (77781 bytes)  The sax section blows a great soli in John Ahern's original, Ireland
Mvc-240f.jpg (60145 bytes) Trumpets are ready for anything!

Two short videos of Sing, Sing, Sing.

Sing, Sing, Sing 1

(1.05 meg mpeg movie)

Sing, Sing, Sing 2

(1.4 meg mpeg movie)

Mvc-210x.jpg (94396 bytes) Two short videos of John Ahern's Ireland 

Ireland 1

(1.36 meg mpeg movie)

Ireland 2

(1.36 meg mpeg movie)

Bonus Video

(1.36 meg mpeg movie)


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If Music Ennobles the soul - Then . . . Jazz will set your heart free!

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