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Brass anyone?

Many Big Band lovers also love brass music of any kind.  So for something totally different, check out our friends from Brio Brass.  This large brass band appears around the Twin Cities frequently to wow brass lovers with many great arrangements which cover styles from swing, and classical, to just plain old favorites!  

For a schedule of their appearances and other information on this unusual group, visit the home of Brio Brass 

Big Band

You may also want to see what our friends and neighbors, the Roseville Big Band, in Roseville are up to.

Week nights at O'Gara's in St. Paul are big band nights.  Call them to see who's playing.

Other Jazz Events

For even more jazz action all over the Twin Cities, visit Twin Cities Jazz Society.

The Coolest jazz site you will find!  Jazz Corner

Jazz History 1895-1930 - "Red Hot Jazz

        Be sure to click the "Bands", and the "Musicians" links!

More Jass History....(Yes....that IS the old spelling!)

Big Band Radio Archives

This site features Carl Gehrke, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, with an extensive library of the old jazz classics by a very large assortment of artists. In addition to hearing classic jazz, his commentary is incredible. Let me know what you think, and by all means, check this out!

Sinatra Internet Radio!  Streamed Jazz 24/7!

Click this link:


    When did Big Bands become popular?

Large Bands

As Jazz moved into the 1930s large bands became the norm. Due to the success of such jazz orchestras, big band jazz became more and more popular until jazz became the popular music of the era. Swing was king and radio helped to spread the music across the country and the world. Singapore, India and even Moscow caught the jazz germ. This style of jazz would remain popular until after WWII when the economics of touring with a large band began to have an effect.

Pre War Tin-pan Alley "JASS" connection

Where did the term "Tin Pan Alley come from? see also Here

Big Bands post WWII to Present

Glen Miller History

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